lørdag 26. februar 2011


Last wednesday the online class Colourful Designs with Celine Navarro stared. I have tided up my scrappingstash, and ordered new albums to clear out my old layouts. It will be one workshop a week for 10 weeks! This week's colours are yellow, blue, red, green and black. Quite unusual colours for me to scrap. Especially red I can find difficult to use. I was thrilled to see it all and eagered to work, work, work. The way Celine is presenting everything and the enthusiasm she brings out is so intensly inspiring. What I did not have was photoes that fitted to the sketch and the theme for the workshop: Ballance. While waiting for photoes I display my stash, and encourage you to step in to CASAcreative to vote for the weeks CASArunway!


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